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Tanargue 2

This insubmersible kayak is the evolution of the Tanargue 1, which was equipped with straight wells, then oblique.

The Tanargue was the first kayak to offer 4 side handles. This unsinkable kayak for two adults and one child, results from very carefully worked out specifications. Tanargue 2 was designed 10cm longer than the first, without self draining to avoid sticking oints in the hull and a larger volume for the third seat. The Tanargue 2 combines comfort for long trips, easy and sound navigation for beginners and, of course, a large load capacity. Robust and maintenance free, they can be nested with in each other. This increased rear volume, coupled with an increase in the fold, makes it a more maneuverable boat. Professionals will pay attention to the integration of reinforcement nose, the double handles novel plants. Anti-theft ring available as an option.

This kayak is stackable by 5 pieces maximum in season. During winter, it is strongly advised to store it by 3.

Length:  14″6
Width : 33,5″
Heigth : 16,9″
Weigth : 103 lbs
Capacity : 20+ 1 peoples
Capacity max : 595 lbs