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This 2/3 seater kayak is designed in 2005, and is located between Tanargue 1 and 2.

Patent Application Serial No. 000808951 – 0002. Unsinkable two seater with self-draining system, it can navigate anywhere. Its hull is particularly designed for rivers with little water, it gives the Tarka a rigidity and robustness able to withstand any challenge. Professionals will note the inclusion of the bow cap, the new anti-theft system, the double central handles and the front and rear handles. Anti-theft ring available as an option.

This kayak is stackable by 5 pieces maximum in season. During winter, it is strongly advised to store it by 3

Length:  14″6
Width : 33,5″
Heigth : 16,9″
Weigth : 103 lbs
Capacity : 2 + 1 peopleS
Capacity max : 595 lbs