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Verso Luxe and Hi-Luxe

The Verso Luxe is intended for a wide audience: it is reassuring thanks to its generous cockpit and stability, and very versatile, as it is suitable for both small and large jigs.

Equipped with two waterproof compartments in the Luxury and Hi-Luxury versions, the Verso allows touring for one or more days. Compact and lightweight, it quickly charges on a vehicle to paddle a few hours in the lake, river or along the coast. It can be equipped with rotating and fixed rod holders as an option, allowing it to be a good companion for fishing parties. Verso Luxe and Hi-Luxe is constructed of tri-layered polyethylene sandwich, consisting of two layers of linear high density PE and a low density foamed PE foam core. Tri-layer technology is an ideal manufacturing process to increase performance. It makes it possible to produce a boat lighter and more rigid than a traditional boat made of polyethylene.

Length:  13″1
Width : 25,2″
Heigth : 11,8″
Weigth : 51 lbs
Capacity : 1 people
Capacity max : 330 lbs