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Ysak Luxe and Hi-Luxe

The Ysak is the ideal long distance touring kayak. Its longwaterline ensures for excellent tracking and a comfortable paddle.

It has high volume sotrage compartments and the option of fitting a rudder. The Ysak's large hatch covers provide easy and convenient access. Generously outfitted. The Ysak Hi Luxe with drift is also equipped with a rudder. The seat is equipped with a comfortable foam PAD. The Ysak is constructed of a tri-layered polyethylene sandwich, consisting of two layers of PE; High linear density and a core of low density foamed PE foam.

Length :  16″6
Width : 22,5″
Heigth : 11,8″
Weigth : 57 lbs
Capacity : 1 people
Capacity max : 265 lbs