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Dag Kayak

DAG, an adventure of athletes and enthusiasts, which was born in 1975, when Gil Guillard, a competitor at the national level, made his first kayaks in composite materials. In the 1980s, GIL competition kayaks, all disciplines combined, earned him the title of World Builder Champion (1987) with 19 athletes medallists in the World Championship. A consecration that marks the beginning of a great development.

The development of the practice of Canoes and Kayaks by the general public has led to the evolution of needs and especially the market with foreign competition trying to penetrate French territory by force. This observation led Martine and Gilbert to study the various possibilities of perpetuating their company in accordance with their convictions. In 2007, they met the managers of the other French company manufacturing Canoes and Kayaks in France, ROTOMOD. Together they decide to keep the DAG entity but then integrate it into the NEOFINKA group. This group thus consolidates the brands of the 2 companies at the national and international level, placing them in 6th place worldwide among canoe and kayak manufacturers, but above all as the leader among European producers. Following this acquisition of a stake, thus ensuring that DAG remains Ardèche and, above all, guaranteeing the future of their company, Martine and Gilbert then considered taking a well-deserved retirement.

In 2012, DAG became a brand of the ROTOMOD Group through a merger-absorption.